Texas Legislative News 2010 - 2011

What You Can Do!

Review the good bills and the bad bills. Then visit, call, email, fax or write your Texas State Representative and Senator to express your personal opinion about this legislation, urging them to support or oppose (as the case may be) the selected bills.

Go here to find out who your Texas State Representative and Senator are and how to contact them.

Encourage your legislators to enact legislation to curb psychiatric fraud and abuse by forwarding to them the model legislation described below.

Model Legislation

These proposed bills are models upon which governments can develop their own laws to safeguard citizens against psychiatric fraud and abuse:

  1. Prevent the use of physical or mechanical restraint procedures in psychiatric facilities.
  2. Prevent any sexual contact, with or without consent, between a psychiatrist, psychologist or psychotherapist with their patients.
  3. Prevent school settings from being used for mental health screening without written, informed parental consent.
  4. Prohibit involuntary commitment without due process of law and with the protection of a person’s right to liberty.
  5. Provide written, informed consent for electroshock therapy.

Download the Model Legislation.

Suggestions for writing to your legislators

Review these handy pointers for writing to your legislators and other government officials.
HB = House Bill, SB = Senate Bill, SS= Senate Substitute, HCS = House Committee Substitute, SCS = Senate Committee Substitute, HJR = House Joint Resolution, HCR = House Concurrent Resolution, SR = Senate Rule

Bill Number in BOLD represents exceptionally good or bad.

These are not the only good and bad bills, but they are definitely in need of your letters. Start your letter writing campaign today!