Unholy Assault - Psychiatry vs. Religion

Download and read the CCHR report Unholy Assault — Psychiatry Versus Religion.

Attacks on religion are not new, they are as old as religion itself. However, reports of sexual perversion among clergy that have stained the headlines of almost every country in the world, with multimillion–dollar lawsuits filed and won against the churches involved, are something entirely new. Here, churches face an insidious assault that is not only sapping their spiritual and material strength, but in some cases threatens their very survival.

While this type of deadly affront is new, its origins date back to the late 1800s. It was then that psychiatrists first sought to replace religion with their “soulless science.” In 1940, psychiatry openly declared its plans when British psychiatrist John Rawling Rees, a co–founder of the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH), addressed a National Council of Mental Hygiene stating: “[S]ince the last world war we have done much to infiltrate the various social organizations throughout the country … we have made a useful attack upon a number of professions. The two easiest of them naturally are the teaching profession and the Church … ."

Another co–founder of the WFMH, Canadian psychiatrist G. Brock Chisholm, reinforced this master plan in 1945 by targeting religious values and calling for psychiatrists to free “the race … from its crippling burden of good and evil.” Viciously usurping age–old religious principles, psychiatrists have sanitized criminal conduct and defined sin and evil as “mental disorders.”

As a result of psychiatrists’ subversive plan for religion, the concepts of good and bad behavior, right and wrong conduct and personal responsibility have taken such a beating that people today have few or no guidelines for checking, judging or directing their behavior. Words like ethics, morals, sin and evil have almost disappeared from everyday usage.

The consequences have been devastating for both society and religion. It is not that evil itself has disappeared — evidence abounds of evil or destructive behavior running unchecked in society — and it is as difficult to confront as it has always been. Yet everyone wants to live in a society in which evil can be defined and defeated.

Or do they?

For more than a century, mankind has been the unwitting guinea pig of psychiatry’s deliberate “social engineering” experiment that was conceived in hell. This experiment included an assault on the essential religious and moral strongholds of society. It could not proceed while man could clearly conceive of, express and deal with evil. It lies insidiously behind our current social disintegration. And it is the epitome of evil, masked by the most social of outward appearances.

Until recently, it was religion that provided man with the moral and spiritual markers necessary for him to create and maintain civilizations of which he could be proud. Religion provides the inspiration needed for a life of higher meaning and purpose. In this crisis, it falls upon religious leaders to take the decisive steps. Men of the cloth need to shake off the yoke of soulless materialism spawned by psychology and psychiatry and put religion back into the hands of the religious.

Indeed, religious leaders must take this responsibility, not only for the sake of religion’s survival but also for the survival of mankind.

For more information about the psychiatric assault on religion, click here to download and read the full CCHR report Unholy Assault — Psychiatry versus Religion — Report and recommendations on psychiatry’s subversion of religious belief and practice.