Eroding Justice—Psychiatry’s Corruption of Law


When psychiatry entered the justice and penal systems, it did so under the subterfuge that it understood man, that it knew not only what made man act as he did, but that it knew how to improve his lot. This was a lie. Psychiatry has had opportunity to prove itself. The experiment has been a miserable failure.

This report is a detailed examination of the fierce assault on the justice system that has occurred over the past six decades — and not only by criminals. There is a hidden influence in our courts, one which, while loudly asserting its expertise and desire to help, has instead betrayed our most deeply held values and brought us a burgeoning prison population at soaring public costs. That influence is psychiatry and psychology.

A major part of the treatment for prison inmates (used less for rehabilitation than for managing and disciplining inmates) is a regimen of powerful psychiatric drugs, despite numerous studies showing that aggression and violence are tied to their use.

In the 1940’s, psychiatry’s leaders proclaimed their intention to infiltrate the field of the law and bring about the “re–interpretation and eventually eradication of the concept of right and wrong.” And they did, with the consequence that today, because of their influence, the system is failing. Now it is up to the many conscientious, hardworking and increasingly disheartened people within the system to realize this and rid it of these destructive intruders.

In this report, we hope to help you understand how this occurred. We show how psychiatry’s ideologies and actions have contributed to today’s failing criminal rehabilitation and increasing crime rate. Finally, we propose to reverse these trends. We trust that the information will help those of goodwill and integrity correct a system that is failing its citizenry. The decent, the productive, the vast majority of us, deserve no less.

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